They Drained A Canal In Paris.. What They Found At The Bottom SHOCKED Everyone!

The Canal Saint-Martin in Paris is a popular place for tourists and locals alike, but beneath the water lays a disturbing secret.

This is the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris.

The canal attracts tourists and locals alike and is a renowned for its people watching.AirBnB describes the canal as "the perfect setting for finding oneself while watching others.” Others describe is as a place for the "BoBos," or bourgeois bohemians, to hang out.

The canal was commissioned by none other than Napoleon. The 3-mile-long canal was completed in 1825. Over the nearly two centuries of use, the canal has been cleaned every 10-15 years. The last cleaning occurred in early 2016 and took about 3 months to complete.

Before completely draining the canal, professionals pushed the fish out the man-made stream. They used long nets to capture the fish then inventoried the wildlife before releasing the creature into the River Seine.

Some complain that BoBos don’t have respect for the canal and are responsible for the huge volumes of trash, especially wine bottles, found in the drained canal.

A common theme among things that find their way into the canal: wheels.

Shopping carts, office chairs, scooters, bikes, trashcans, and suitcases have all been discovered in the drained canal.

When we said there were bikes found in the canal, we mean A LOT of bikes have been found there. Many of the two wheeled cruisers appear to come from Paris' bike share program.

Listen up! When you throw trash into a body of water, it doesn’t just disappear - many of these things take centuries to decompose and can be harmful the ecosystem. Plastics and styrofoam, in particular, can be confused for food by aquatic wildlife and can be fatal to the little fishies.

What kind of trash and treasures do you think lay beneath the surface of your favorite body of water?

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